Providing document upload forms to unique users

I'm building a solution for a client that will house documents for their users (their clients). If a user wants to upload a document, is there a solution that lets me present them with an upload form tied to their bucket?

For example, a contractor needs to upload inspection reports. I'd like to deliver to them a unique URL to an upload form. Once they upload, on the back-end, a support rep can see the uploaded documents and who they belong to.

Or, do I need to build my own form to handle the uploads?

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Linode Staff

Hi there -

Your Linode is ultimately your own server so when it comes to software and features, that's up to you to design and add to it.

For what you're trying to do, my best recommendation is to do an internet search for form building software. I did one myself, and there are a ton of reviews that come up for what are considered "the best". As I've never used one, I can't give you a recommendation, but those recommendations are out there.

I'm also going to add some tags to this post to increase its visibility so that other users who might be using forms in this way can contribute their suggestion.


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