How do I use Network Helper with a custom installation?

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I've installed an image to my Linode following the instructions in this guide, and Network Helper isn't working. How can I fix that?

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Network Helper is made to work with certain Linux distributions, namely the ones we offer on our platform. When installing another Linux distribution, it's not guaranteed to be compatible. You can find a list of the supported distributions in our Network Helper guide, under the What Files are Modified section. The recommended way to configure your network settings for a custom installation is by following the instructions in our static networking guide.

On a custom install of a distro that you do offer on your platform, which Network Manager (or other) packages are required to satisfy Network Helper?

Perhaps my situation is unique, but I deployed a custom Arch64 installation and Network Helper worked just fine. Later, I deployed a custom Oracle Linux (which is identical to Centos/RHEL) and Network Helper does not work.

I can hazard a guess that in my Oracle Linux usecase there is just some missing package(s). It would be awesome if those were identified and added to this guide.


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