How can non-root user access key when creating Linode via api?

According to api doc:

authorized_users is a list of usernames. If the usernames have associated SSH keys, the keys will be appended to the root users ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file automatically.

I assume I need to append user's key to authorized_keys. How would I then copy this key to the user's .ssh directory so I can login as the user after creating the Linode? I'm using a Stackscript so would it be something like ssh-copy-id?

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There are a few different ways you could achieve this. Since your non-root user's authorized_keys file will be empty upon deployment, you could simply copy the root authorized_keys file over and chown to get the desired result:

cp /root/.ssh/authorized_keys /home/$USER/.ssh/authorized_keys
chown $USER:$USER /home/$USER/.ssh/authorized_keys


cat /root/.ssh/authorized_keys >> /home/$USER/.ssh/authorized_keys

Since you're using a StackScript you could also use a User Defined Variable to accomplish the same thing without requiring the key to ever exist in root's authorized_keys file.

echo $UDF >> /home/$USER/.ssh/authorized_keys

This difference with this method is that it would require either entering the UDF upon deployment or hard coding it into the StackScript.


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