Can I use Bitnami's Wordpress Multisite Stack on a Linode?

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Is there a way for us to use this stack or upload this to Linode for us to use. It seems to be compatible with other cloud services, but not Linode. I was not able to find it in the market place. Is this at all supported?

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Hey there,

While Linode doesn't currently have any integration with Bitnami's Wordpress Multisite Cloud offering, you're definitely able to make use of their Linux installer to get this up and running in no time!

I was able to get this setup pretty quickly on my own Linode running Debian 9, so I could help walk you through the steps. You can follow along below.

  1. Follow along with our Getting Started and Securing your Server guides to make sure your Linode has a security foundation. I used a Linode running Debian 9, so I'd recommend using a Debian based distro as well.
  2. Transfer the installer to your Linode. You can do this easily using scp. You'll want to run scp bitnami-wordpressmultisite-$VERSION [email protected]$LINODEIP:~/ from the directory that the installer is in on your local computer.
  3. That copied the installer to your limited user's home directory. You'll want to connect to your Linode and navigate there now. From there, we'll need to make sure it's executable. You can do this by running sudo chmod +x bitnami-wordpressmultisite-$VERSION
  4. Now all that's left is to run it! You can start it by running sudo ./bitnami-wordpressmultisite-$VERSION. Once it begins, you'll be prompted on some configuration options and then it will begin installing the stack for you.

I hope this helps, be sure to let us know if you have any trouble with this!

Ryan L.
Linode Support Staff


I know this is a little late but thank you so much! You guided me in the right direction to get this working. I got my WordPress site using the Bitnami app running perfectly.

I really appreciate your help. Thanks!

Hey @techcoreduo,

No problem at all! Glad I could help get you up and running!

Ryan L.


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