[SOLVED] How do I turn on email notices for community post replies?

This may seem like a stupid question, but where in the heck is the settings page for my community profile? I can click on my user up there in the top right which takes me to a page that lists my "Asked" and "Replied To" questions in the community Q&A, but I'm not getting notified when people respond to me, or when there are further posts in a thread I've participated in.

I've looked in the posts themselves to see if I can "subscribe" but I don't see any options there either. I'd also like to update my avatar, is that a gravatar or something, where does that get done? Am I missing something? I'm I in some form of limited account on here or something?

It's been many moons since I was a noob, but this is making me feel quite new. ;)


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There's currently no way to get email notifications about community stuff. You could build something yourself using the API though (replies and such show up in the events endpoint just like ticket updates).

The avatar is indeed gravatar; the email address to use is the same one associated with your Linode account's user (so the same address you receive ticket emails on).

@dwfreed Whew, I'm not crazy! Interesting idea on the feed via the API, worth the effort to script something… time will tell ;) At least I can keep an eye on the console feed.



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