Moving RoR app from Heroku to Linode

Hi all,

I have been hosting a Ruby on Rails app at Heroku at its free tier while playing with it. With recent feature additions (TF-IDF similarity matrix calculation specifically, using scheduled rake tasks), I am getting R14 and R15 errors. Given that the process mem usage is about 1100M, I may have to go for Performance M plan, which is damn expensive. So, I am thinking of moving the app to Linode.

I am not new to Linode (been here since 2008) and know my way around Linux. However I have not gotten my hands dirty with devOps and sysOps work related to RoR stack.

What would be the best approach to move my app from Heroku onto Linode? FYI, I use a PostgreSQL database

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Linode Staff

Hey there -

I haven't dabbled too much into Ruby on Rails myself, but I wanted to get the ball rolling on this post by providing some resources that we have which should be useful to you in migrating over your RoR app.

The first I wanted to provide is a guide we have on migrating to Linode:

Best Practices when Migrating to Linode

We have some great resources for Ruby on Rails, too. One of our more recent implementations is giving our users the ability to deploy RoR with a One-Click App:

Deploying Ruby on Rails with One-Click Apps

We also have a set of docs devoted to running Ruby with various distributions:

Linode Development - Ruby on Rails

I hope that gives you a good place to start. Feel free to respond with any issues you run into, or any additional questions you may have.


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