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Question about a real Beginner
after mounting new block storage in my node, how could I "PUT MY FILE or something" in the block storage area (not in my ssd node area) ? Does it mean that I will have a new folder in dev/block….. and I can put file inside ? because I plan to move most image file in block storage, and keep only DB in SSD.
Thank you so much.
In a word…. I hope to know how to put file in Block Storage..

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You need to mount the block storage volume (identified by a device in /dev) in your file system with mount(8):

sudo mount /dev/sd[a-z] /someplace/in/my/file/system

Note that an empty directory called /someplace/in/my/file/system must exist before you try to do this. Consult man mount

For the block storage volume to appear in your Linode as a device in /dev, you have to edit your boot config in the Linode Cloud manager to add the volume and reboot your Linode. It's under Disks/Config.

See: for more information.

-- sw


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