How do I check whether the IP address assigned on my linode machine is not blacklisted in past and is a good one?

I am in the phase of buying a dedicated CPU machine and wanted to know what are the ways or if Linode has some tools to check this. I basically want this machine to send my transactional emails from the web form.

Sorry I m bit new to this community.

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Typically, that's not something that you'll need to worry about with us. We have a strong abuse process in place, and if one of our IPs ends up on a blacklist, we work with the customer that had that IP to get the situation resolved and the IP delisted.

That said, here's a great tool to use to see if your IP is on a blacklist:

To piggyback on that answer, if you're new to Linode you may not be able to send emails right away.

This is because, in an effort to fight spam, new Linode accounts created after Tuesday, 5 November, 2019 have mailing ports (25, 465, and 587) restricted by default (see our blog post here for more information).

To get those blocks removed, just reach out to us and we'll be happy to work with you to do so.

For more detail on it, check out this post.

@geniusdibya --

I'll have to second @rgerke's post… Linode has a very strong abuse process (unlike DO…who don't even respond to abuse complaints).

However, if you want to check the current blacklist status of your IP address(es) and/or domains, you can do it here:

and here:

DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Some of these outfits will artificially tell you that your domain/IP address have a "negative" reputation to get you to pony up for their "rehabilitation" products. BEWARE!

-- sw


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