How do I setup traefik in LKS?

This is not a question but rather a "How to".
I deployed traefik on a small LKS cluster and was able to generate staging certificates. I added the configuration to a gist for anyone needing to do the same.

Enjoy :)

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Thanks for your guide! This should be helpful for other Linode users who are looking to deploy Traefik on Kubernetes. If you're interested in contributing to our Documentation library in addition to the Community Questions site, we have some information available here about how you can do so.

I updated the Gist to use traefik 2.2, not 1.7 and now working with production certificates. It took some tinkering to get it working but finally it works.

@jyoo, I'll look into contributing to the documentation, thank you for the link.

@jyoo I have worked out the gist to a full article and sent it via the form you linked me to. Thank's again for the nudge


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