How can I host multiple Drupal sites on a single Linode?

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I am trying to host multiple Drupal sites on my Ubuntu 14.01 Linode. This Linode already has two existing sites on it. How can I set up another site without impacting the existing sites?

Are there any best practices you would recommend, or caveats to watch out for? Is there a step by step guide for accomplishing this?

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Linode Staff

Hey there -

I wanted to give you some resources that you could use in this situation. The first is a link to Drupal's site which gives you a guide on hosting multiple sites, and the best practices for doing so:

Multi-site - Sharing the same code base

There are some other links provided through this other post here on the site which should be helpful to you as well:

How do I host multiple websites?

We've also gone ahead and added some tags to this post to give it more visibility to other members of the Linode Community who may have some additional experience and insight with Drupal.


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