How to determine optimum upload speed cap for Object Storage?

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I am using Object Storage to perform some backups to Object Storage. However, the last time I attempted this I ran into an issue where the networking speed was insufficient for the operation and it created some performance issues for the Linode.

How can I determine a suitable rate-cap to prevent further performance issues? Is there a command to help me calculate this rate, and is it possible to set a cap in the S3 command?

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Hey there -

The first thing I want to do is point you to another post we have here on the site that gives you some good methods for testing your Object Storage network speeds:

How do I test the upload and download speeds for Object Storage?

By "rate-cap" do you mean that you want to set a throttle on your transfer? If so, I found this guide which may help:

How to throttle bandwidth in s3cmd


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