Migrate FreeBSD Appliance (No Shell Access) to Linode

I have a SpamTitan server currently sitting on a dedicated VMWare ESX Cluster in a datacenter. The company that runs said service went belly up and I need to exfiltrate hundreds of vms within a month.

It doesn't have a shell, only a menu but it runs of FreeBSD. I just need to move the server someplace, because I already have its sister server at my other datacenter.

Everything I have seen wants you to copy the guts from one linux machine to another and I don't think that is feasible.

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I'm not well-schooled in FreeBSD and I don't know your requirements, so the best I can give you are some suggestions.

First, I want to pass along our guide on migrating a server to Linode:

Migrate from Shared Hosting to Linode

That'll give you some best practices that may be helpful.

The other thing I wanted to suggest is something I haven't tried before, but it might work. Since FreeBSD isn't supported at this time by Linode, you'd need to install it as a custom distro. That guide should help you out, as well as this other post.

If you want to make an image to upload, you may be able to use a utility like Clonezilla which you then may be able to upload as an ISO using the previously-linked guides. I can't speak for Clonezilla personally, but other users have mentioned using it so it may be worth looking into.


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