Server error when logging in to phpmyadmin

When logging in to phpmyadmin I get a blank page in Firefox after entering username and password. Trying to login using Chromium I get a 500 server error.

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and MariaDb, php 7.3 and have the latest version of phpmyadmin installed. I restarted my mariadb server from the command line and can list databases from the command line just fine. i tried uploading a simple php file to connect to a database and echo a "connected" message on success, but I get the same 500 error when I open the page in Chromiun and blank page in Firefox. Page source is empty.

My Ubuntu installation is up to date and everything seems to be working fine except for this problem. It must be something obvious but can't seem to figure out what is wrong here. All suggestions appreciated.

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This kind of behavior usually indicates a PHP coding error. Check the server logs for both the web server and PHP FPM (if you use it).

-- sw

Thanks for the suggestion. Checking server log showed that mysqli was missing. Not sure why as everything was working fine until very recently. The only recent change was upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04, but have done that on other servers without an issue. I upgraded to php7.4 and that seems to have fixed the problem. it looks like my phpmyadmin password no longer works so will need to change that, but otherwise I have phpmyadmin access now without a problem.


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