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This may sound as a silly question probably for the majority of people out there but this is my first time using a VPS. Just trying to move away from a shared hosting to a VPS in order to be able to have more server resources available when running some WP plugins.

I created a Linode and installed CentOS7 and then Virtualamin panel. The idea is to move a couple of domains to the VPS. Not sure yet if I want to run the mailserver or not.

I set up the first domain on Linode as DNS Master but I'm not 100% sure if that is the best option. I don't really want to spend time messing around with DNS. WP is up and running on the site but when I try to install the SSL certificate I'm getting an error.

ValueError: Wrote file to /home/alessandrocancian/public_html/.well-known/acme-challenge/7mnZRTpeUrdYm1dBfGVXxCSHOzY-YARpe0NjXRCokJA, but couldn’t download

I'm sure there's something wrong with the DNS or the host settings … just not sure what :)

If anyone have any suggestion that would be appreciate it.

Thank you

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You write:

I don't really want to spend time messing around with DNS.

Unfortunately, this is the life you've chosen. If you want things to work right in the VPS world, you have to spend time messing around with DNS ;-) This is especially true if you're going to set up a mail server that follows all the generally-accepted email security standards/practices.

That being said…

You need to make sure that your web server configuration and your Let's Encrypt configuration match. Is /home/alessandrocancian/public_html the DocumentRoot for

The problem you are describing probably has nothing to do with DNS…

-- sw


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