How do I Move services to a different volume?

I am thinking of adding Block storage to my Linode. I plan to move an existing Teamtalk server to that Volume. I also want to put an Icast server to that volume. Is there a way to transfer these servers to a block storage volume? I am new at this whole networking process, and am looking to learn as much as I can.

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The block storage will be presented as another hard drive to your Linode; you don’t need to worry about the networking :)

You would therefore only need to worry about moving the data.

I’m not too familiar with Teamtalk, but let’s say it stores its data in /var/teamtalk.

Once you have configured your volume using the instructions presented in the Cloud Manager, you could move the folder to the volume like so:

mv /var/teamtalk /mnt/your-volume/

You could then configure Teamtalk to look to /mnt/your-volume/teamtalk for its data.

Alternatively you could “symlink” the old location to the new one so Teamtalk doesn’t know any different.

ln -s /mnt/your-volume/teamtalk /var/teamtalk


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