How to add Mautic as an add on installation to Litespeed?

I am very grateful for the work done by litespeed on his one-click script. It worked wonderfully.

My dream machine would be OpenLiteSpeed-WordPress+Mautic+CRM. The CRM could be Odoo, or SuiteCRM or 1CRM.

I would love to learn how to do this and in te interim would be willing to pay for this.

Best Regards.

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Hey there -

Not having tried to set up this type of scenario myself, I think this is a great question for the Community so I've added some tags to this post to give it more visibility.

I also did some digging around online for you, and I found a couple of resources which might be helpful:

Mautic WordPress Plugin

This is a blog post about LiteSpeed Cache, which might be what you're looking for when it comes to combining it with WordPress:

The Beginner’s Guide to LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress

It looks like you can install Odoo with LiteSpeed:

How to install Odoo along with Open Lite Spedd web server

The above are just the results I got when searching the web. Hopefully they'll be helpful to you!

Hi @novapco,

It's been a while, but I just saw your post and want to share something with you.

The easiest method to install OpenLiteSpeed-WordPress, is though the stackscript

If you want to install Mautic and maybe WordPress, then CyberPanel( is the best option for you,



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