How can I use Cloudfront & signed URLs with Linode Object Storage?

I'm working on making the transition from using Amazon S3 to Linode object storage. So far, I've successfully got signed direct downloads working using object storage.

But I'm stumbling with how to use Cloudfront with Linode storage as per this page:

I can't quite wrap my head around how get this working, since the key pairs are using AWS Accounts. And I'd like to have time expiring Cloudfront links to better serve our customers around the world…

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Since Cloudfront requires the use of AWS accounts, you'll need to either change the Object Storage endpoint in your Cloudfront configuration, or use standard signed URLs to adjust the expiration for each link. It looks like you're able to change the endpoint to match your Object Storage region by following this guide. If you'd prefer to set up Cloudfront via a GUI, Cyberduck has a guide available for Cloudfront as well.


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