s3cmd "read operation timed out" error

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Hey guys,

I was trying to create a bucket in the CLI using the command:

linode-cli obj mb my-example-bucket

from this object storage guide, but I keep getting this error:

WARNING: Retrying failed request: / (The read operation timed out)

Just FYI: I was still able to create the bucket in the Cloud Manager, but I wanted to be able to use this feature in the CLI, since I plan on using that in the future.

Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried running an mtr command?

It could be you are experiencing some network connectivity problems. Try running:

mtr -rwbzc 100 your-host.linodeobjects.com

If there is any packet loss along any of the hops that could explain the issue.

Also, googling "s3cmd read operation timed out" I was able to find this post on github which deals with a similar issue, so that might be helpful.


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