How to add DNS resolver ( in a Linode with Ubuntu 20

I know that /etc/resolv.conf is dynamically updated by Ubuntu now. What is the best way to add a new server without breaking Linode network configuration?


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While I can’t speak from personal experience on this matter, I looked around to see if others have run into a similar issue. Fortunately, this has been discussed in detail on, and users have successfully made permanent updates to /etc/resolve.conf.

The process would involve making edits to your /etc/systemd/resolved.conf file, and then updating the symlink with /etc/resolve.conf. The below link provides excellent context and guidance for achieving this:

DNS resolver stopped working after upgrade to 20.04

I’ve added some additional tags to this post, too, so that other members of our Community Site can easily search and find this post; in this way, they can add additional insight based on their own experience in making these changes.


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