Reverse DNS with shared domain names

Having an issue with mail being sent from one of the domains on my server. Google is rejecting it the the 550-5.7.1 error.

Their error in the email headers sends me here:

Reading that it's not doing a reverse DNS lookup right. OK fine, I look into fixing that, but..

I have 9 domains on my linode, and outside of admin emails to myself (from forums and Wordpress), only two of them send email out to general public (from forum software). The problem I'm having is that I look around at Linode's help, and I can only apparently set one reverse DNS for an IP? Since all of those domains share the same IP, I don't see a way around this.

Or am I missing something here?

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Reverse DNS is for the IP of the server sending the mail, not the domain(s) of the e-mails it is sending.

Please see my replies in this thread where I explain it in a bit more detail.

Also when setting up your reverse DNS records, don’t forget Google works on IPv6 where possible, so you need to set it for your Linode’s IPv6 address too.


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