Use Mail Services by GoDaddy on Linode "@ invalid character"

Hello everyone,

I am quite new to hosting a website so my problem might be super trivial.

I acquired the email service from GoDaddy, from which I also bought the domain that my linode is using. I am at the step of verifying that I own the domain (now that linode is using its dns) and I am asked to set a TXT record as follow:

Record TXT —
Name Value TXT

On the Domains section on, I found the mentioned TXT record for which I have to specify a hostname and a value. Assuming that Name -> hostname, I inserted '@' as hostname but I get the 'Name contains invalid characters' error. I tried a number of other combinations but nothing has worked yet. How should I proceed?

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How should I proceed?

Leave "Hostname" blank to add a record to the domain itself.

Hope that helps,

It worked!
Thank you very much!


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