Error in Creating SSL Cert w/LetsEncrypt

I am getting An unexpected error occurred when trying to create an SSL cert for a new domain I'm hosting. It's odd. I've followed the same steps, cookie cutter, for all my other domains without issue, but this one keeps kicking out an error. I waited a little while and tried running it again sudo letsencrypt --apache -d -d but not it says There were too many requests of a given type. Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong?

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I did some digging around on this error online for you, and I found several mentions of it in the Let's Encrypt Community. I'm going to link you to a few posts, because they give some examples of what might be going wrong.

This first post indicates that it could be due to rate limiting. It suggests you look int he following directory at your Certbot logs:


How to debug: There were too many requests of a given type

This additional post gives some other troubleshooting steps you might be able to take, which also suggests hitting a limit:

Let's Encrypt - There were too many requests of a given type

I would suggest giving those a look-through to see if they offer a solution for you. If they do not, and you have additional output or error messages you'd like to share, please feel free to do so. I'll add some tags to this post to give it some extra visibility to the Linode Community.


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