How Do I Set Up a Staging and Production Environment With a MERN Stack?

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In layman’s terms, what is the best way to setup a staging and production environment on Linode? We are using a MERN stack, but I would like to setup a workflow so we can deploy to staging and then to production when we are ready. Any ideas or tools you have seen work well on Linode?

I just need some direction if possible, I have a team of devs I'll relay it too.

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Hey there,

There are a few things that should be able to help out here. The first is our MERN Stack One-Click App you can find in the Linode Marketplace. This will automatically deploy a Linode and configure it with the MERN Stack for you, which should help you migrate over to Linode a little quicker.

After you've moved your app over and it's up and running, I'd highly recommend looking into Terraform to help automate and setup a staging environment. Terraform has a great guide on some of their best practices to get this set up, and we have an official Terraform Provider which makes integrating with Linode that much more seamless.

If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know!

Ryan L.
Linode Support Staff


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