How do I get back my deleted files once my balance has been paid in full

My account was suspended and deleted for nonpayment but I repaid and fixed all my balances and how do I get back my deleted files

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Hey there -

When a user's Linodes are deleted for non-payment, we typically save an image of that Linode on your account that can be deployed to a new Linode once the past due amount has been paid.

There's a post here on the site that walks you through the process of getting that image up and running:

How do I restore a deleted Linode?

I hope that helps you out!

Whenever a Linode is deleted by mistake or for nonpayment, we save an image of your Linode's data that you can use to redeploy to a new instance. Please be aware that this image is only saved for a short period of time.

I'd recommend checking for such an image in the Images tab in your Cloud Manager. If you still have an image available, you can then click the ellipsis to the far right of the image and select Deploy New Linode to start the process of restoring the image to a Linode plan and region of your choosing. It's possible that your newly created Linode may have a different IP address than your previous Linode, so you may need to update any internal configurations and DNS records to reflect this.

For a step-by-step guide of this process, feel free to check out our Deploy From A Saved Image guide. If you ever wanted to copy any of your Linodes' disks to your local machine for safekeeping, I'd recommend checking out our Copy a Disk Over SSH guide. Hope this helps! :)


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