Discourse and DNS

Hi all,
So I'm setting up Discourse under a subdomain.
Using this tutorial;

So it was all going fine and I had the ‘congratulations’ page up.
I created an admin on the cli.
I’ve set the ssl cert using EFS certbot.

When I access mydiscourse.mydomainDOTcom … I get page not found
If I access mydomainDOTcom, it loads a blank white page with Discourse as the page title top of browser.

Can anyone advise suggestions please?
DNS maybe?
Any examples I can have a look at?


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If you're trying to access your subdomain without setting up DNS records, you won't be able to reach the page. My suggestion would be to modify your DNS records. I was able to find a thread within Discourse's forum which explains exactly which records are needed : https://meta.discourse.org/t/configure-your-domain-name-for-hosted-discourse/21827

Then, under step 3 of the guide you linked (Step 3: Download and Configure Discourse), there are specific instructions for setting your domain name within Discourse's configurations. Specifically, within config/discourse.conf, there's a section that looks like the following:

# hostname running the forum
hostname = "community.example.com"

Alternatively, you can use the instructions in the Discourse forum thread I linked above to modify your domain name within your admin panel (once you're able to get to the admin page, of course).

I know that you mentioned that you're only being served a blank page, so I would check your web server application's logs to see if there are any errors being thrown your way (which can be as simple as permission errors).

Another thread from Discourse's forums (https://meta.discourse.org/t/blank-white-page-after-update/44678/9) has some good suggestions, such as purging cache on your browser, rebuilding the application, setting version to stable instead of testpassed, etc.

I hope this helps. Best of luck!

Thanks @jlee

So, I decided to start over and follow Discourse people's recommended Docker install instead.
I took the route I initially did, as above, in order to try and limit resource usage.
But going with the standard recommendation seems to make better sense at this point.
I do have DNS settings in place, I am just a little unsure of the subdomain aspects. Your link will help.
Yes, I did set the hostname as specified.
I suspect that the tutorial approach suffers from some software update clashes, which is liable to be ongoing.
Muchas gracias,


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