Error sending email: "User account $x has sent too many emails"

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I'm attempting to send email from my IDS. I'm getting the following error message (replacing the actual email addresses):

SMTP Error (550): Failed to add recipient (User account has sent too many emails).

What could be causing this? When checking the usage/send statistics, the software is reporting "0 sends".

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That error that you sent over is specific to the software you are using. Let's focus on "User account has sent too many emails". It's common for software whose primary or secondary function is sending email to have default limits in place. These limits may be different depending on the software, but may place a quota on the number of emails you can send out in specific time period, like an hour or a day.

I recommend investigating these limits on whatever software you are using and making sure you aren't hitting that limit. If you are using cPanel, take a look at their own docs: How to Set Email Send Limits .

If that doesn't work, you may want to respond back with answers to the following questions:

  • What software are you using?
  • Have you been able to successfully send out email through this software before using this same Linode?
  • When did you start noticing issues?
  • Is the issue only occurring for that one email?
  • Regarding the "0 sends" that the software is reporting… is this accurate according to your own count?

Several 3rd party email providers throttle the number of emails you can send during a specific period of time. The message is either coming from your 3rd party software or the 3rd party that your software is using to actually send the email.

Comcast is notorious for this…AND not telling you about it.

-- sw


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