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First of all, I am sorry for asking an off-topic question here but seeing how friendly the Linode community is I thought I'd see if you guys could help me out.

I'm an average programmer and an average Linux system administrator (enough to manage my Linode for what I want to do anyway). Still, I want to advance my skills in Networking and Security.

I'd love it if you could recommend some excellent books on the subjects. If it matters I've standardised on OpenSUSE LEAP as my Linux distro of choice for both the desktop and servers.

I'd like to learn all I can about these subjects, but they are such large areas I have no idea where to start looking. I want to get a decent knowledge before Linode launches bare metal servers as I have some plans for when that enters beta that I'll need the experience to progress.

Any help is very much appreciated.

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There is a ton of interesting stuff to dive into when it comes to security. I'll try and give you a couple resources:

For Linode specific guides, we have a basic tutorial for doing a little bit of hardening on your servers:

Categorized list of several topics:


I’d also check out online course sites like or for topics you might be interested in. Udemy usually has courses on sale every once in a while that I’ve found to be pretty good.

For some hands on fun from the offensive side, check out

Also, keep an eye on for security related bundles. Several really good books pop-up every once in a while for pretty cheap!

Awesome. Thank you for your reply. I'll be sure to check out those books. I'm very excited for the future as I have a small plan I'd like to implement I just need to do some reading first to get my knowledge up to speed with things.


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