How do I install pgAdmin on CentOS 7 (pgAdmin for PostgresSQL)

How do I install pgAdmin on CentOS 7 (pgAdmin for PostgresSQL)

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Hey @pacian - I was able to get pgAdmin4 installed on CentOS 7 using the steps in this TecMint article:

How to Install pgAdmin4 in CentOS 7

A couple things to keep an eye out for ahead of time:

  • You'll want to have PostgreSQL 10 installed first, but you may need to find updated repository links.
  • When initially installing pgAdmin4, I got a couple error notifications regarding python (Disclaimer: I didn't have python installed on my instance beforehand):
Error: Package: pgadmin4-4.22-1.rhel7.x86_64 (pgdg-common)
           Requires: python36-ldap3 >= 2.5.1
Error: Package: pgadmin4-python3-sshtunnel-0.1.4-2.rhel7.noarch (pgdg-common)
           Requires: python36-paramiko
Error: Package: 1:pgadmin4-python3-flask-1.0.2-2.rhel7.noarch (pgdg-common)
           Requires: python36-click

For the purposes of testing the install, I was able to get around this by using the ----skip-broken flag. Everything seemed to go a-okay!

Hope these links help. Happy installing. :)


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