Monitoring object storage bandwidth/stats

I'm curious how to monitor object storage usage and bandwidth. With Amazon, I'm used to having dashboard reports or logging set up in buckets.

I don't see anything in the documentation (or in the community posts) here related to either of those subjects.

What's everyone using?

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A recent update to Cloud Manager now shows the disk usage for each bucket (it would be useful to have a “total” figure here, but it’s better than nothing.)

I’m not aware of any mechanism to log file downloads or requests to/from your bucket.

In terms of bandwidth, I believe the 1TB gets added to your account’s bandwidth “pool” so theoretically you could use more than 1TB for the object storage if you under-used bandwidth that was added to the pool from a Linode, for example. The bandwidth pool usage is reported in the Cloud Manager and API.

Thanks. Wow…interesting that the disk usage was a recent addition. I only started using it a couple of weeks ago.

I have 30TB worth of transfer pool (and use quite large chunk of it), but it's surprising to me there's not a better way to monitor bandwidth for just object storage -- and even on a per bucket basis.

Seems basic, but I understand this is still new for Linode.

For the most part, it's working well for us.

The team are currently working on a UI refresh for Cloud Manager.

On the new Linode networking graph, they’ve split out “this Linode” from the “pool” total (see screenshot on this PR.

It would be amazing if they could do something similar at account-level, splitting the “used” portion into “Linodes usage” and “Object Storage usage”, for example.

I contacted support and they said object storage bandwidth tracking is "on the radar". Hopefully we'll see that sooner rather than later.

I also requested that they add logging to the roadmap (similar to Amazon).


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