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I am trying to use Linode Object Storage to serve my Django static files with the same configuration used in s3, but it seems to work on s3 and not in Linode Object Storage, can anyone help me with that, please? providing a good SDK to work with would be nice, Thanks!

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We would like to help get you pointed in the right direction. Before we can offer any advice we'll need some additional information from you on what you're trying to accomplish. Can you provide the code or script you're using that is working with s3, but isn't with our s3 compatible Object Storage?

What parameters are you using when making calls to Linode Object Storage? Also, how are you initializing your connection to Linode Object Storage? These are a few things we may need so we can help you further. Any additional information that you can provide would help us immensely.

I've also included links to some of our Linode Object Storage guides below that may help.

How to Use Linode Object Storage
Accessing Objects with Linode Object Storage
Host a Static Site using Linode Object Storage
Linode API | Object Storage | Linode Developer Tools

@mcivitarese I'm about to use Object Storage with Django too, and can't find any information or tutorials.

I would expect something like this to work:

But it would be good to see a Django-specific tutorial coming from Linode.


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