Linode DNS server problem

Is anyone else having problems with the Linode DNS server: it is timing out for us and I believe has been the root of problems for us over the last two weeks. Can someone at Linode look into this ASAP.


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Based on the user name, I believe you're the same person that reached out in IRC. As I mentioned there, this resolver has been escalated and we have people looking into it.

This is what I received from my support ticket.

"Regarding the unresponsiveness of the resolver itself, I will raise this issue to the attention of our administrative teams and have made a note for us to check for a response from them after 5:00 PM EDT on Tuesday, August 4, 2020."

This really should be fixed ASAP, this resolver problem has to be effecting thousands of Linode clients. I have the network helper turned off, however Linode DHCP is overwriting my resolv.conf on my older Ubuntu 12.04lts server and continues to cause problems.


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