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We utilize LAMP stack + ISPConfig on top of Linode to manage our ecosystem. Recently, we changed the ssl redirect tab option with the ISPConfig panel to make permanent redirect possible. Since then, we have been having issues with the landing site. The domain in question is,

Note: Prior to this change the site and the ssl were fully functional. The only issue was that this particular domain being used to manage the other sites was not automatically getting redirected to the secure site.

Is there a simple way to restore to previous point prior to this change?

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It looks like the domain is pointing to an index file that isn't actually in use. You may need to adjust the filepath of your index file in your web server or ISPConfig panel. You'll need to verify that the filepath in your web server configuration file is pointing to the correct index file. You might also find this resource to be helpful as it deals directly with ISPConfig.

Thank you, JYOO. This site was fully functional and nothing was changed other than selecting the permanent http to https redirect button. I checked the index files and nothing appears to have changed. We used the default ISPConfig login page for this purpose.


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