How do I direct trafic to my domain using my linode

I created a domain: in the Cloud manager. I am trying to configure it so that it people can access my services that I have on my linode by entering, instead of my Linode's IPV4 address. As stated, I created this in the cloud manager. Do I have to purchase the name, does it make a difference? I've associated my DNS records for with the linode I have created. However, when I try to link the domain with the linode using the A and TrippA records, I don't get successful results. What am I doing wrong?

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While Linode offers DNS management, we aren't a DNS registrar. You'll need to purchase before successfully configuring your site and IP address to that domain. To do this, you can use services such as Namecheap and GoDaddy, just to name a few - there are many registrars to choose from!

Once purchased, you’ll want to want to set Linode’s name servers for your domain through your registrar’s control panel. Name servers "serve up" your DNS information, and will allow your domain to successfully resolve to your IP address.

After you’ve got that set up properly, you can create DNS records through your Cloud Manager in order to point your domain to your IP address (and vice versa). With everything properly configured in your DNS manager and web server, your site should successfully load.

For more information about this, I would recommend reviewing the documents linked below. These provide a well-rounded understanding on how DNS works and how to manage your DNS records through our system:


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