if anyone is listening my linode centos is being hacked

my full stack dev guy is away and sites are being put offline somehow

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can I block all ips, i'm not an ssh person but I can follow commands if you can help.

You can use the firewall feature to disable all incoming requests

But knowing what is currently happening would be better. This can be because of a vulnerable plugin or nulled themes and plugins.

Recovering from a compromise can often be hard and complicated because hackers often cover their tracks so you can't detect how they got in, and commonly create backdoors so they can continue to get access.

If you have an available backup from before the hacking attempts, then I'd recommend rolling back to that if you can.

We have a couple of recent blog posts that would be helpful if you're running WordPress:

I'd recommend reviewing our guide on basic steps for securing your Linode:

Finally, I'd recommend installing and configuring Fail2Ban as a way to automate blocking brute force attempts on your Linode:

I appreciate that, thanks.


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