Is there a feature to push DNS from the dashboard?

I recently deleted one of my linodes whose IP address was associated with my domain name.

I then deleted the the DNS host/zone file for that domain and re-created it in another linode.

I'm aware of propagation, but I think pushing out new DNS could help speed up the process. (Prop took just a few minutes the first time I added this domain to my now deleted linode).

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You write:

I'm aware of propagation, but I think pushing out new DNS could help speed up the process.

Your domain is added/deleted/changed almost immediately at Linode. I understand your desire to see your changes more quickly if you're half-a-world away. However, the rest of the world doesn't necessarily feel your urgency ;-) I'm afraid the propagation process is largely outside yours/Linode's control…

-- sw

I think you kind of missed the point of my question.

I'm not in a rush to see my domain name propagate since this a testing server.

What I would like to know is whether there's built-in feature to push DNS from the dashboard. But I guess the answer is "no."

Maybe I got spoiled by cPanel/WHM.

to push DNS from the dashboard

What exactly do you mean by “pushing DNS”?

Changes made to your zones through the Cloud Manager are live within 60 seconds on Linode’s global DNS servers.

If you make sure you use an equally-low time-to-live, even propagation won’t be an issue as records won’t be cached for long, thus making your changes very close to “live” globally.

After reading @andysh's comments, I guess I'm confused too. I'm equally confused by this:

Maybe I got spoiled by cPanel/WHM.

How can cPanel/WHM make a sysadmin in Pakistan or Zimbabwe propagate your DNS changes any faster?

-- sw


I can vaguely remember hearing about a feature of (I think it was) Google DNS, whereby admins can notify Google of a change to their DNS records, and Google DNS will flush their cache of said record/zones - thus speeding up propagation for anyone using their resolvers ( and

That's the only thing I can think @alexd means.

Which, keeping a low TTL anyway, would solve for everyone - not just anyone using Google's public resolvers. Cloudflare-hosted/-protected domains use a TTL of 5 minutes, so I cannot imagine keeping a permanently low TTL is a Bad Thing(TM) these days.

@andysh --

All my records have "Default" for the TTL. Do you know what that is?

I have to confess that this isn't really an issue for me. DNS propagation around the northern Pacific Rim is pretty fast.

-- sw


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