Newbie need help with LAMP and DNS

I've followed the linode guide for setting up LAMP
and I tried the mysqli_connect test in the guide.
At this point the DNS has not propageted so i accssed from the ip address of my linode.
The mysql failed to connect.
But using the same user and password im able to connect from ssh.
So I tried go back to the guide fail2ban and UWF part, seems like they are functioning like in the guides.

Then I tried resetting apache following this guide. (by this point DNS has propagated)
but when i tried simple page testing with index.html in the guide:
from it refused to connect.
from ip address of linode the simple page showed up no problem.
I tried and the simple page shows.
Not sure what the problem is. Is this a DNS problem?
and just wondering if it is safe to post your linode ip?
thank you very much

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Ahh, seem to be a cache problem
my browser keeps connecting to
and that results in refused connection.
by clearing the cache and accssed the simple page testing completes with no problem.

so the problem now is mysqli_connect can not connect from browser but connects fine in ssh

Hello World

Connection failed:

Access denied for user 'myuser'@'localhost' (using password: YES)


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