why is my server ip address showing 404 on ngnix

I did not observed that my ip address is not loading, until I choose to install phpmyadmin, and everything went smoothly but when I try to load http://my_ip/phpmyadmin, it will show 404… even I try to load http://my_ip it will still show 404. but my site is working perfectly fine on my domain. what could cause this issue? I'm using nginx on ubuntu 20

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It sounds like your Nginx server may not be configured to respond to the IP address. Does domain.com/phpmyadmin show you the PHPMyAdmin page? If so, and you want your site's content to load for the IP address in addition to the domain, you'll need to configure Nginx to respond to the IP address by editing your virtual hosts file. Specifically, the server_name line in /etc/nginx/conf.d/example.com.conf will need to be edited to include your Linode's IP address. We have more information about this process in our Nginx configuration guide.


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