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I've setup an Object Storage bucket and am attempting to sync my Synology NAS with it. All worked fine to begin with but now the NAS is telling me that the authorization has been revoked or expired. I tried creating another access key but eventually got the same message. Are access keys limited by either time or bandwidth?

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Hey there,

Specifically with Synology NAS, you will want to make sure that you are using Signature Version v4 when you go through the backup wizard. It should be the drop-down option just after the Server Address.

More information regarding Synology NAS and their cloud syncing features is avaialable at the Synology site

Also be careful about using particular characters in you filenames, such as " < > | { ^ } % ` ] [ ~ #, as you may encounter errors when trying to sync your data.

I Have same problem. Please tell me, if you have resolve for it.

I am trying to backup images form Thành Trung Mobile to Synology DS420+, DSM 6.2.3

So I'm looking to do something similar, however, I am using a QNAP NAS - is this possible with Linode?

I had same a similar issue when I entered for the server address field in the Synology Cloud Sync setup wizard. This allowed me to list buckets or create new ones from the within the setup wizard, but it gave an "Authorization Failed" error when I tried to proceed.

Using just for the server address instead resolved it for me.

Using just for the server address instead resolved it for me.

This is expected. S3 clients need an “endpoint” or “server” address - which is the endpoint that issues authentication and authorisation tokens. That is the “cluster” hosting your buckets.

Once the app has obtained the token, it can then (providing the token gives it access) upload or read any of the buckets.

The only time you will usually need the bucket’s full FQDN is when accessing files hosted within that bucket externally (e.g. a static website or sending someone a link to a file.)


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