How do I allow access files via FTP?

My site runs on WordPress. A minor issue in the theme caused 500 internal server error.

This needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

We tried login via Filezilla as per documentation

Added a private key file using putty, puttygen and pageant.

Tried via filezilla quick connect and also login using key file.

When we open the session using putty it shows

network error - connection refused

Though documentation is clear and helpful, we are unable to access files via filezilla.

Any help will be much appreciated.

We have marketing campaigns running, so we need to fix it as soon as possible.

Here is the error message

Status: Connecting to 50.1xx.x.xx…
Response: fzSftp started, protocol_version=8
Command: open "" 22
Error: Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)
Error: Could not connect to server

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Since authentication methods are chosen automatically by FileZilla and the server based on what you have configured, it is most likely that the public key is not configured or not configured correctly on the server. I have attached a URL for a forum post, which contains a few links that I think you'll find helpful in resolving this.

It's worth noting that if you're also unable to access SSH via Putty/a terminal, then you may need to connect using LISH on our website.

Thanks Tom, How do I configure public key using LISH?

I am trying out the links that you have shared.

I need to edit a single file and change a single line in PHP code!

Hope I can fix it today with the help of the community

Thanks again

To add your public key to Lish, you can follow this guide.

However, this will not configure a public key for access to your Linode, just the Lish gateway so you don't need to log in with your Manager credentials first. If you wish to place your public key on the server you'll need to create a .ssh/authorized_keys file in the home directory of the user you wish to connect with(if this already exist, just add the key under your existing keys). These steps can be done via Lish.

mkdir .ssh && chmod 700 .ssh
touch .ssh/authorized_keys && chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys

You can then place your public key inside the .ssh/authorized_keys file.

If you are familiar with the command line you could also just edit the PHP file from Lish to get your site up, then work on getting your SSH/Filezilla corrected.

Hi agracie

Thanks for your reply.

I have created public key.

I can access lish and lish via SSH with password too.

I know basic linux commands.

I can connect to linode. But I don't know how to add public key on the server and creating .ssh/authorized_keys

Though this is very basic, hope this would help other beginners too.

Thanks in advance

I can connect to linode. But I don't know how to add public key on the server and creating .ssh/authorized_keys

No worries its really straightforward. authorized_keys is just a regular, old text file. The only special requirement is that it has to have a specific file permission mask(this is why agracie had you do the chmod 600 bit).

The .ssh directory and the .ssh/authorized_keys file should live in the home directory of the user you want ssh to log you in as. If you want your private key to log you in as root you'd put the directory and file in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys. This is generally discouraged. A more common practice is to have ssh log you in as another user like coka and give that user sudoer access. If you took this route it would go in /home/coka/.ssh/authorized_keys. With this setup if you ssh'ed in from your laptop into your linode you would start in user coka's home directory and you'd have their user/group permissions.

To add entries you just have open authorized_keys in a text editor on the linode then copy/paste your public keys one per line like so…

ssh-rsa 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 stace@pretend-machine
ssh-rsa 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 stace@another-machine

(this formatting is a little weird but it should just be like this algorithm public-key email all one one line then hit enter for additional keys)

Once you save the this file you'll be able to ssh to your linode from any device that has your private key.


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