404 error on nginx only on http

I am new to this, so pardon if there are any typos..
I installed CWP 7 with Centos 7 on a freshly created Linode. However, when I create a user account and try to view the default index.html file, it throws a 404 error page but on the other hand, if I manage to view it using https, it shows the page successfully. Any idea or pointers on where may be the problem?
P.S: I am still yet to point my domain to my server and I am visiting the user account using IP address and username.


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I did some research on this, and found a few resources that look like they might be helpful. The first is a forum thread on Control Web Panel's site, that addresses the 404 error with new users:

404 Not Found - User Login

The user is also using CentOS 7 when they encounter that error, so it might offer some insight.

This forum thread seems to suggest using Apache + Nginx:

404 error on new install CWP

Hopefully those will point you in the right direction. I'm also tagging this post so that other members of the Linode Community who might have run into this issue before may be able to help out.


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