Public Key Configuration with Bitvise SSH Client

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I'd like to create a public key and configure it with the Bitvise SSH login tool. Can you provide me with any useful instructions or tutorials to accomplish this?

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The following documentation can walk you through generating an authentication key-pair, exporting the public key to your Linode, and configuring key authentication in Bitvise:

You may benefit from reviewing these additional resources as well:

If you’d like to look into some other ways to harden SSH access and secure your server, this guide may also be helpful:

Should you ever get locked out of your Linode after modifying your SSH configuration, keep in mind that you can always access your Linode using our out-of-band console Lish. We also have an excellent guide on troubleshooting SSH if you ever run into issues when attempting to access your Linode over an SSH connection.


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