Linode too slow.

My site , My Forum everything is too slow.

Can anyone help ?

site >

forum > [here when I loggin I get [ ] message only]

Thank you

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@weblizar --

My site, My Forum everything is too slow.

It seems OK to me ( 21-Aug-2020 @ 0837 PDT ).

here when I loggin I get [ ] message only

The message is a result of some interaction of your web forum system and the underlying OS… neither of which Linode has any control over. I went to the forum URL you provided and it came right up… I didn't try to login (because I don't have an account and don't want one).

I would report this situation to your Indian developers and use whatever financial leverage you have over them to fix this for you.

-- sw

P.S. Since your site uses Apache/PHP, the first question I would ask is "What Apache MPM is being used?" If the developer answers something like "pre-fork", tell them you want to use one of the multi-threaded MPMs…"event" would be a good choice for a potentially high-volume sales site. If they don't know what those things are or try to BS you into believing it doesn't matter, fire them.


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