Wordpress Dashboard Not Work


Today I installed wordpress from linode's one click app marketplace. Then I opened the website with IP, the website was working, that is, everything was going well. Then I added the domain to linode. Even all was going well.

Then I created an account in cloudflare. Then I added the domain to cloudflare.Then after that my website was working but the WordPress dashboard did not open.

I Select Flexible SSL in Cloudflare.

Home URL : upscpanel.com ( it's working fine )

Dashboard URL : upscpanel.com/wp-login.php ( it's not working )

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Linode Staff

Hey there -

I just tried navigating to the Dashboard URL listed in your post, and I was able to bring it up without issue so I assume you fixed this.

Would you be able to respond to this thread with the steps you took to get it to work, just in case another member of the Linode Community is looking for assistance with this?


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