Linode Object Storage Bucket and RClone

I am new to Linode and Object Storage Buckets. I have set up a Bucket but would like to have a local directory sync with my Linode Object Storage Bucket so if I add a media file, it will automatically sync. There is a package RClone, but it looks like Linode is not listed as supported provider. Will this package work with Linode?

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Object Storage is S3-compatible, so it should work just fine.

Yes, I use Rclone with Linode Object Storage and it works just fine.

You just select AWS S3 as the provider and put the cluster name (,, etc.) as the endpoint URL when it asks you in the config.


would you mind posting a redacted version of your rclone.conf file?
I'm using rclone as well, but the sync command does not delete old files.



Are there any errors reported?

The documentation for the sync command states:

Note that files in the destination won't be deleted if there were any errors at any point.

No, that's the funny thing, no errors in a debug logfile. But the lsf does not give any output, while data is present
I did change the provider parameter from "other" to "AWS", as you mentioned in your reply. This does now supply output on the lsf command, so that's good.
I'm still curious as what your rclone.conf and rclone command look like.
Would you mind sharing them minus your secrets?




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