Can i configure mail-in-a-box and php site in one linode?

I have linode working with php website. And i want to run my own mail server, can i configure mail-in-a-box in same linode?

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I don’t see why not… especially if the volume of traffic to/from each is relatively low. That’s what I do (my Linode is not a nanode however). Mail servers & web servers are famously io-bound…not compute-bound.

However, you need to make sure that you implement all of the email stuff that is going to be required by all of your correspondents’ providers: rDNS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc. Requirements and guides for doing all this are outlined in other threads in this forum.

— sw

Hello @stevewi

Thanks for the reply, but only issue i can see is how to access my website admin and mail-in-a-box admin?

I have 8gb ram linode, and have php with with admin. Also if i install mail server using THIS instruction, looks like it also acccesible via url, Do you think it will be conflict with site admin and mail admin?

No. This is why God invented URLs… Your website admin & mail admin don’t have to live under the same physical directory (in fact, they shouldn’t!). For example, all of my mail config lives in /srv/mail & all of my web stuff lives in /srv/www.

Granted I don’t have a web admin for postfix(1)/dovecot(1) (I don’t know of one…let alone one that would give me the kind of control I need over all my custom spam defenses), but I have used roundcube in the past. It lived under /srv/mail/roundcube.

You make all this work with web server configuration…as God intended it to be.

— sw


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