How portable are /64 address blocks

I'm getting my feet wet with ipv6 and I'm curious is my /64 block is confined to the datacenter my in which my linode resides?

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Hey @zodpem! /64 pools can only be routed to a single Linode. We do have the ability to assign /116 for a customer, and these can be used between multiple Linodes. However, these Linodes will need to be in the same data center. If you'd like one of these, you can request it by opening up a Support ticket from within Cloud Manager.

Thanks, I suspected as much. Was also of wondering if /64 would wind up being portable like telephone number portable sounds like no.

From what I've read allocating anything smaller than a /64 breaks the ipv6 specification. That said coming from v4 it makes more sense. I just worked out an issue with spamhaus and they are blocking along /64 boundaries so that could be a problem with /116 vs /64 for mail today.

Appreciate the note!


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