How to setup Wordpress alongside my existing Python app?

I have a Flask web app running on an Ubuntu 18 linode.

I want to install a Wordpress blog on this domain too for content marketing purposes. Ideally it would have this file/URL structure:

Clearly Wordpress has a very different set of software installs I need to make vs. my Flask app. Am I able to simply install the required software (LAMP) in the same virtual environment as my flask app then upload the relevant WP files under a new /blog subdirectory?

I came across the below Linode guide which seems to be aligned with what I am trying to do but thought I would get any initial pointers before going this route.

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Hi @phas0r,

You should be able to install both on a Linode, but When installing WordPress, it needs to be either Apache or NGiNX, whichever flask already runs. If both are installed, they will compete for the same port and cannot bind to it, so I added links for both LEMP and LAMP for your quick reference.

Installing the LEMP Stack on Ubuntu 18.04

How to Install a LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 18.04

I also added guides to both Apache and NGiNX providing vHost and Server Blocks, respectively. I use them to verify my config.

VirtualHost Examples

Server Block Examples

I also found a third-party guide explaining how to set up the Server to run both Flask and WordPress using NGiNX.

Configuring WordPress Blog as sub-directory alongside Django in Nginx

You can do it but why? If you main site is python just setup a subdomain like "blog" for your WordPress install, much cleaner and better security and easier to manage tbh


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