Make Linode the best hosting provider ever

I personally use Linode since 2009 and i'm in love with your services (support, server hardware, datacenters…). The thing is that Linode remains an enthusiast service provider. I belive Linode could do more than a linux based enthusiast platform for experienced users, i think that it could be a pace where people who never used a console could host their web projects. There are companies that uses Linode infrastructure to provide hosting solutions to their clients.
My question is why Linode doesn't provide something similar?
An interface where people can specify the project they wont to use (wordpress, drupal, joomla…) then the resources they need and then manage the service versions and monitor the server from that panel without ever loging in with ssh.
Please consider my thought

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@bloodram --

I've been a Linode subscriber for nearly as long as you and I came to Linode precisely because it didn't have all that junk.

-- sw

We genuinely appreciate your feedback, and I’ve already shared it with our team. Part of Linode's mission is to make Cloud Computing accessible to all, and so you speak to an important point.

We know our products can become a bit complicated for those who have never worked in a console and are unfamiliar with Linux. Since inception, though, Linode has come a long way in furthering accessibility to our services. Over the years we’ve worked to bridge this gap through products like One-Click Apps and a robust user Community, which houses an incredible amount of resources intended to provide clarity and assistance for novices and experts alike.

This is a constant evolvement - while what you're suggesting is not on the short-term agenda, it's not ruled out for the long term, either. You can always keep up with our company progress through our blog, which is where we post any upcoming plans for our future.

It doesn't have to be on the same panel of cloud computing , it could be a new section with a new interface.

Thank you for reading my sugetion. I really believe it could be a respectable income source for Linode.


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