How do I fix a Linode with network restrictions in place?

Hello, please find out the reason. The customer ordered the product from me. I need to process the order and ship the customer. My website is not a phishing website, thank you.

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@xujiaxing You'll need to communicate with us through the ToS Support ticket you have open with us to move forward with resolving this issue.

We may have already mentioned, but you can access your Linode by using the Lish console within Cloud Manager. You'll find it in your Linode's dashboard summary by selecting Launch Console on the far right side side of the page.

The below sections of our Rescue Mode guide will provide some helpful reference material regarding mounting the appropriate disk(s) and booting into rescue mode:

You'll need to investigate the issue that is causing the website compromise and the below Community Questions post can guide you:

But I won’t do it. Please help me delete specific pages and restore my hosting server. Thank you.

I don't konw How Booting Into Rescue Mode?
Please help me, I really don't know how to operate. I just want everything to be normal on my website.

@xujiaxing We won't be able to make any internal configuration changes to your Lionde. That being said, the links we've provided walk you through all the steps you need to investigate this! Feel free to update your ticket with any questions you have during your investigation process.


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