Bandwidth allowance - linode to object storage

If I upload large files from one of my linode servers to object storage bucket does that count against my monthly bandwidth?

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Uploading over IPv6 from a Linode that lives in the same data center as your bucket does not count towards the Linode's outbound transfer pool.

Uploading over IPv4 or from a Linode in a different data center will count towards that Linode's outbound transfer pool.

OBJ Buckets themselves are not charged for inbound traffic, only outbound, so none of the upload traffic from a Linode is counted towards the bucket's transfer pool.

I hope this helps clear things up. You can read more about it here:

Can someone point to how to use IPV6 to upload data from a linode to a bucket in the same data center?

Also, prima facie, the bucket url does not seem to be accessible via ipv6.
ping -6 bucketurl says "Network unreachable" while ping bucketurl works.


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